Carrie was absolutely AMAZING! She helped me with everything from start to finish, even stamped and sent out my invitations! I was able to be completely relaxed the day of my wedding because I knew she would make sure everything ran smoothly. Nothing ruffles Carrie. If any problem arises she fixes it immediately. I cannot say enough about how much she helped me organize my details for the day and how much behind the scenes work she did with vendors that I never had to be involved in. Do yourself a favor and have Carrie the entire time for your wedding, she made my day magical and perfect!

Carrie was the Wedding Coordinator for our daughter Holly's wedding in September 2015, and our daughter Madeline’s wedding in May 2016. She is the reason that I had fun at our daughter’s weddings. She is the reason that the ceremonies flowed well and had organization and not chaos-and consequently more fun. Carrie is a clear, effective, organized communicator. She oversaw a myriad of detail that ultimately produced a lovely ceremony and reception that was fun and flowed well for guests as well as catering and venue personnel. She always promptly answered any question that I had in a professional and cheerful way. Her follow thru is unfailing. I believe it was the day before this last wedding that I was just thinking about all the contacts she had made with all the vendors that are part of the wedding and reception-and I thought that I probably did not even fully realize exactly the detail of it all. Having Carrie allowed me to come to both of our daughter’s weddings being relaxed and to experience the fun of the event. It also allowed us to leave the event without excessive cleaning up and transporting. Do yourself a favor and hire Carrie as your Wedding Coordinator. You will be making a wise decision.

As a mother of a bride, it is so important to enjoy the wedding day with your daughter, family and friends. You’ve planned for the past year and it’s time to enjoy. We were fortunate to have Carrie be our day of planner who took care of making sure all the final touches were complete and to provide direction. With Carrie’s background I was relieved that she would take care of all the details that make the wedding special!

Carrie was our wedding planner/coordinator at the Derby Museum on July 11, 2015. I don’t know how we could have done it all without her. She is extremely professional and friendly. She took the time to meet with us several times and answered all emails and phone calls promptly throughout our months of wedding planning. On the day of my wedding, Carrie managed and coordinated every little detail for us. I never once had to run through any checklists as far as vendors or set up. Carrie handled it all! She was a constant contact for all hired vendors. She knew everyone by company and name and had the schedule down pat. I never had to answer a single phone call. She stayed the whole way through the ceremony to transition into the reception to make sure it all went smoothly. She was even there fanning me and getting me ice water when I was outside doing family photos in the heat. This took so much stress off of myself and husband, but mostly off of my mother. She was able to really enjoy the day with me that she had helped me plan thanks to Carrie’s hard work and dedication. Everything was beautiful and my guests were all raving about how it was the best wedding they had ever been to. Carrie gets a lot of credit for that. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to enjoy their big day rather than feeling like they were stressed and rushed the whole time. I know from being in friends’ weddings that it makes a world of a difference to have someone like Carrie. It was worth it for sure to have her!

When brides ask me what is the best advice I could give them about planning their wedding, my husband and I always say: “It’s okay to cut corners and costs wherever possible, but do not cheat yourself out of a good wedding coordinator!” Carrie was the perfect person to coordinate our wedding and we were so grateful for her organizational talents, and her ability to carry out a seemingly perfect event even amidst the overwhelming feelings that come with planning a wedding. Leading up to the big day, Carrie went over the schedule with us and made sure she fully understood how we pictured the day going. It was so reassuring to walk through the steps with someone who not only knows what details are important, but knew what details were important to my fiance and I, and she made us feel confident that she was going to make whatever that was happen. At our wedding rehearsal, Carrie made sure every person knew what they needed to be doing at the correct times. I was so grateful for her taking this burden off of our shoulders so we could just enjoy being around the people we love. If Carrie knew that my voice wasn’t being heard or something was turning out differently than we had planned, she would interject and make sure we were happy. Overall, I cannot picture my wedding day having gone so smoothly without Carrie’s incredible services as our coordinator. I will never forget one piece of advice Carrie had for my now happily married husband and I right before our wedding day began: "Your only job is to have the time of your life."

Carrie’s services for my best friend’s wedding were indispensable. I honestly could not have pictured the day going any smoother. As the maid of honor, I was so grateful to have someone there to make sure everything went perfectly for my best friend on her big day! Carrie thought of absolutely EVERYTHING before we even knew we would need it. The most impressive part was her ability to keep the bride from having to stress about minor complications or details. Sara was able to just relax and focus on her wedding, and Carrie took care of anything else. From the bridesmaid bouquets to tissues and make up touch-ups to corralling the groomsmen to be at the right place at the right time-every detail was handled in a very professional and fun manner. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who wants a stress-free wedding day!

I absolutely loved working with Carrie at Sara and Aaron’s wedding. She was organized, professional and very easy to spend the day with. Even though I hadn’t met Carrie prior to that day, I felt like we had worked beside each other for a long time. We were a dream team and it was fun to bounce ideas, stay on schedule and work with the entire wedding party throughout the day. I highly recommend working with Carrie and would be honored to work beside her again in the future.

"From our email correspondence to the moment we met at Highland Coffee, I knew my wedding would be in good hands with Carrie. With a hotel sales and event planning background, Carrie has industry knowledge needed to be successful in this role. She’s well connected and extremely professional. Vendors respect her and enjoy working with her – my makeup and hairstylist was recommended to me by Carrie, and I couldn’t have been happier with her. Carrie also helped me cut down on costs associated with my catering estimate, which in the end saved me lots of money!
Our wedding had lots of moving parts, but Carrie was a champion and pulled it all together for us. As the bride, it was very important to me that I not worry about a single thing on the day of my wedding, and Carrie provided that reassurance for me. She was with me every step of the way. When my bridal party and I arrived at the venue, Carrie was like a magician, providing us with anything and everything we needed! Ice and bucket for the champagne? She got it. A safety pin and scissors? She got them both for us. Last minute dinner seating change? She got it done.
Not only did Carrie handle the logistics of our wedding well, she also took the time to remember the special aspects. When we arrived at 21c for our wedding night, not only were our bags already in our room, but Carrie had also arranged rose petals all over the room and had a bottle of chilled champagne and chocolates ready! Leave it all to Carrie, and you’re sure to have the most well orchestrated event as well as peace of mind. She will WOW you!"